University of Guadalajara holds the all-time record – highest number of postgraduates in Mexico

Last September, another three masters and two doctorates from the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) joined the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT for its acronym in Spanish) National Program for Quality in Postgraduates Degrees (Programa Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad – PNPC in Spanish). With this five accredited programs, the UdeG counts with 113 postgraduates recognized in the program of the CONACYT, maintaining the highest amount of accredited postgraduate degrees in Mexico.


The PNPC has the purpose of recognizing the specialty programs, masters and doctoral degrees in different areas of knowledge which include basic academic core, higher graduation rates, high scientific and technological infrastructure, and productivity, allowing them to achieve relevance of its operation and optimal results.


The PNPC membership offers the possibility of scientific quality training. According to María Luisa Bátiz García, coordinator of research and postgraduate programs at UdeG, this recognition “opens up opportunities for the training of more researchers, which is key for the development of the country and for the generation of knowledge.” This recognition also brings a benefit to students, she said, because they can get scholarships granted by CONACYT.


The programs recently incorporated to the PNPC are: Master of Science in occupational health, Master of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Master of Socioterritorial Studies, PhD in Humanities and PhD in Behavioral Science.



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