International Language Internships (ILI)

Jue, 14 Jun 2018 - 21:07 -- CGCI

The University of Guadalajara (UDG) is pleased to announce the offering of grants for its new “International Language Internships” (ILI)


Objectives of the program

  • To enrich language teaching practices at the University of Guadalajara.
  • To promote and reinforce the study of Foreign Languages such as English, German, Italian. French, Chinese, Japanese and other languages at the University of Guadalajara.
  • To give participants the opportunity to practice their teaching skills in a context in which foreign languages are taught.
  • To familiarize participants with the Mexican culture and raise intercultural awareness.



Call for participation 2018B


  • Applications:
    june 2018
  • Results:
    July 2018
  • Stay:
    August 20th – December 15th, 2018.



The grant Includes

  • 2018B: A total stipend of $80,000.00 Mexican Pesos useful for accommodation fees and air fares.
  • Survival Spanish course for all participants.

Air fare support:

Participants will be asked to purchase their own flight tickets. Upon arrival, the UdeG will reimburse the flight cost by providing them the grant mentioned.




Eligible candidates are:

  • Undergraduate or graduate students majoring in language teaching, languages, literature, applied linguistics, or similar fields.  
  • Full command of the language to be taught (English, German, Italian. French, Chinese, Japanese and other languages).
  • English is desirable for speakers of other languages.
  • Spanish is not required.


ILI Activities

Selected candidates will be appointed to one of the University Campuses that comprise the University of Guadalajara.

The ILI activities will consist of:

  • Planning and teaching foreign language courses such as English, German, Italian. French, Chinese, Japanese and other languages (16 hrs. a week).
  • Designing activities that promote the use of the 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking (2 hrs. a week)
  • Promoting their culture of origin in the University’s network. (4 hrs. a week).

ILI participants will be assigned a tutor who will provide them with guidance and support during their stay.
During the first week of arrival, participants will have to attend an induction course.



ILI Responsibilities

Selected candidates are expected to:

  • Carry out the ILI activities within the given schedule.    
  • Maintain permanent communication with the assigned tutor.
  • Prepare academic reports and lesson plans.



Documentation and Application Procedures

Step 1: Registration and documentation

  • Fill out the application form and medical form (see appendix 1)
  • Write and send a brief letter of purpose explaining the reasons and interests for applying to the ILI program.


  • A nomination letter from the International office at your home institution.
  •  An official document acknowledging that you are a university student (such as a record of grades, a valid ID, or an official letter from the University).
  •  A reference letter from an academic member of your home institution.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of passport

Please, send scanned copies of all previous documents by email to:

Step 2: Interview

  • The candidate will be contacted to arrange a virtual interview via skype.


Step 3: Acceptance

  • Once the candidate is accepted, the acceptance letter will be sent to him/her e-mail address.


Step 4: After receiving acceptance



Application Deadline

Documents will be received up to the following dates:
2018B: 29 june 2018.

Candidates will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of their application.



They will be published on the UDG’s International Office web page: and the selected candidates will receive the confirmation by email on the following dates:
2018B: July 10th, 2018.



Expected dates of arrival (Induction course)
2018B: August 20th, 2018.